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Al Firdaws Foods started in 2013 with developing products that are Halal. From our believe we saw that some products that we use frequently don’t help us to live on a Islamic way. As we try so hard to do in this society. Our goal is to create and develop Halal products that meet the Islam requirements. Halal is our goal. Al our products will be launched with the name Al Firdaws. We want to create a range of products that meet our Islamic believe with the same quality,taste and for the price that we pay now. Since the start of the company we have created 2 products. Cheese and spreadable margarine are a standard for the breakfast and are beloved by every one.
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We offer cheese with the Halal certificate. As we all know that the process to create cheese a parts of the calf are used. The part that is used is coming from the stomach of the calf. Because the majority of the slaughtered calf's is not slaughtered on an Islamic way this makes that all parts that are used from this kind of calf is Haram. We are glad to announce that we have created an Edam cheese that is made with parts of calf that is slaughtered on an Islamic way. Because of this we can say (certificated) that it is Halal.

Spreadable margarine

We offer spreadable margarine that is halal certificated. In the margarine there are some ingredients used that are not Halal. Like the E471 this is an oil that is retrieved from animal or seeds. If it is retrieved from a animal fat it is Haram. The E471 that will be used in our products has a vegetarian origin,it is made of seeds. Also the aroma that we have used is a non alcoholic based aroma. All our products are Halal certificated and have euro-1 certificate.
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