ASBA MEATS LTD is a specialist meat company sourcing and processing top quality beef, lamb chicken and fish.
Established in 2010, Asba meats is an experienced, owned company which supplies quality beef, lamb chicken and fish. our client base consists of supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers nationwide and internationally. The core of our success lies in their ability to deliver according to our customers needs as each product is hand selected by a knowledgeable master butcher with over many years experience. our meat is also 100% halal. Our building is fully temperature operated and controlled .our company is a young and fast growing , we can guarantee our products are of excellent quality and at the lowest price possible for our clients .
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Main Products
Halal Beef, Halal Mutton, Halal Lamb, Halal Chicken, White Fish, Prawns.
Contact Person : Mr. Tareq Khan
Position : Director
Company : Asba Meats
Address : ASBA Meats Ltd Farran, Ardagh Co Limerick Ireland
Country : Ireland
Telephone : 003536976333
Fax : 003536929123
Messenger Type : Skype
Messenger ID / Name : asbameats
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