Pure Natural Honey
Product Description :
100% pure natural honey
a. 100% Pure Unadulterated Bees Honey
b. Moisture < 19%
c. Pfund scale <114
d. HMF < 40 ppm
e. Diastase Number >7.5
f. Reducing sugar >65%
g. Free of all antibiotics (N.D.)
h. The honey must conform to specifications of the USDA honey standard and FDA will be the application standard.

Specification of Natural Bee Honey Quality: Color: from white to dark amber Moisture: 18.5% max Sucrose: 5% max F/ G: 1.05 min Diastase: 8.3 min HMF: 15mg/ kg max Antibiotics (General EU Standard): Chloramphenicol <0.1ppb Nitrofurans
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20 Tons
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