Beutskin Essence
Product Description :
Weight: 800mg x 60 softgel capsules
Ministry of Health Registration No.: MAL08031430TR

Dosage : 2 Capsules twice daily.

Effectiveness of Beutskin Essence
- Balances DNA
- Aids in detoxification
- Repairs, restores and reconstructs skin cells
- Experience its 4 Major Elements, Enjoy its 5 Major Factors

Beutskin 4 Major Elements
• RPG energy element - The core elements of Beutskin Essence’s cell energy system acts directly on the ultra-fine particles of the cellular nucleus its structure is compact, tiny and powerful. They change shape freely to enter skin cells. The normal electrical charge of cells is 0.07 volt. When it is lower than 0.02 volt, the cells are in a low energy condition and undergoing the ageing process. The RPG Energy Element is able to produce fission reaction while entering the cellular nucleus, and emits extremely high cellular energy together with a fission chain reaction which is formed simultaneously to replenish and increase the skin cells’ electrical energy, so as to enhance its self-repair ability and increase its vitality.
• Cellular repair and regenerative elements - Human cells contain a type of active substances and its amount in the body will directly determine the skin’s degree of youthfulness to a certain extent. It is mainly responsible to promote growth and differentiation of skin cells, accelerate metabolism, and increase the ratio of new cells in skin, repair damaged skin cell rapidly, thus delaying the ageing of skin cells for younger-looking, radiant, smooth and resilient skin. It is scientifically known as the “Cell Repair and Regenerative” elements.
• Intelligent targeted whitening and nourishing elements - These are targeted cells that are released and spread through certain lateral secretion and auto secretion of cells to regulate the energy production of the body, increase the collagen synthesis of the skin, repair damaged elastic fiber structure and gradually heal the broken cellular bio-chain, thus achieving highly intelligent targeted whitening and molecular nourishment. It provides significant effects on the eradication of eye bags and wrinkles and the enhancement of the nose-labial groove, in addition to firming the facial skin.
• Natural skin reconstructing elements - It is an important skin protective barrier with profound effects. It defends against the invasion of free radicals, stabilizes the releases of antioxidant vitamins B, C, E and other nutrients, enhances skin resistance, stimulates the multiplication of natural collagen, smoothens skins, balances skin tone, lightens pigmentation and enhances radiance instantly, thus producing a perfectly balanced skin condition.

Beutskin 5 Major Factors
• Stabilized whitening factor
• Natural skin enhancing factor
• Skin growth factor
• Gene repairing factor
• Super antioxidant factor

Beutskin 4 Major Functions
1.Stabilizes the DNA
2.Cleansing and toxin elimination
3.The repair and restoration of body functions
4.Reconstruction of skin for total skin renewal

Wonderful for :
1.Detoxify and beautify skin
2.Restore skin suppleness and elasticity
3.Anti-aging, reduce fine lines and cell regeneration
4.Even skin tone and lighten pigmentation

3 days:
- Stabilize the liver and kidney function, the rate of neutralization of toxins in the body increased significantly, constraints capillaries increased, hemoglobin increased significantly, imbalance 'qi' and blood can repair and restore power.

10 days:
- Improved physical condition, some toxins in the liver, kidney, and blood can be reduced, the ability of anti-oxidation in the body, blood vessels become more supple, restore and improve the elasticity of the walls of blood at the same time regulate the functioning of the ovaries.

30 days:
- Toxins in the body's internal organs cleared with supply of essential nutrients, good ability of self-restored and improved skin, on skin microcirculation function effectively coordinated.

60 days:
- Increase self-protective skin, increased skin resistance ability, endocrine function improved and regulated, changes in skin color from dark yellow to bright, radiant skin.

90 days:
- Over lipofusin and free radicals in the body are eliminated, the cells become active and skin elasticity is restored to regain beautiful and youthful look.
Long-term use:
- Body metabolism is in good circulation, skin becomes soft, smooth, healthy, bright, beautiful and perfect.
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USD 90
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50 boxes
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