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AliHalal.com is a place made to become an ONLY HALAL products market place. At AliHalal.com, the only topic is about Halal. The aim is to gather all halal trades and to put them all in only a central hub.

AliHalal.com is a pure online Halal market place that caters for the world's Muslim and Islamic Community, in providing them with genuine and authentic halal products with varities. The world's Halal market is worth about 2.1 trillion dollors (still increasing) annually with a prominent islamic community estimated at 2 billion Muslims worldwide. AliHalal.com mainly markets and advertise the website to this massive community and by building connections and platform for halal products' sellers and buyers to come together to place their requests and offers to achieve mutual benefit. AliHalal.com seeks to explore genuine halal products in variety around the world.